Grafana MySQL Adapter Connection Queries

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We are using MySQL as our data source for Grafana dashboards. This is working fine except the following problem that we are experiencing.

Over a period of usage we start getting “Too Many Connections” errors on MySQL. While we are working to increase the number of allowed connections I did have the following questions wrt to the Grafana and MySQL Data source plugin.

  1. If I have two dashboard users concurrently logged into Grafana and each viewing 2 reports each, then what is the expected number of connections to MySQL, is it, one “per report per user” or something else.

  2. When does Grafana open a SQL connection and when does it close it - what is the logic.

  3. For Auto refreshing reports (Example: Last 5 minute data) does Grafana open a SQL connection for every refresh cycle or is there a different logic.

  4. Is it possible to configure/tweak the connection timeout values?

  5. What about connection pooling - is it possible to configure connection pooling for MySQL?



In general one connection per user. But depending on connection pooling implementation I would expect that connections should be reused etc.

Basically each beginning/end of each request. But there could be several opened/closed during one request depending on what kind of operation we’re talking about.


See max_idle_conn, max_open_conn and conn_max_lifetime configuration parameters.


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