Making a graph with Plotly Panel using data queried from ADX

Hello! I am using Grafana 7.4.3 and am having troubles with Plotly Panel.

I am trying to make a line graph with data queried from ADX. The data I am trying to use is not time based - the x-axis will rather be a column in my dataset representing length in metres. I am using Plotly Panel to achieve this, but I am unable to access my data. In the edit query section under the graph I have code written in KQL that retrieves the correct data, but I do not know how to import this or reference this data in the JS script section. Here’s ideally what I want to achieve with my code:

var trace = {
x: column 1 of values in ADX dataset,
y: column 2 of values in ADX dataset
return {data:[trace],layout:{title:‘My Chart’}};

I have searched online but cannot find any way to access this data.

tldr: How do I use data from ADX in the JS section of Plotly Panel?

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