Make grafana status board update

What template can make a status board update. If i have data model like.

And the board should display color status from specific condition and model by each station and updately by recent data.


Welcome @pumintng

What is your datasource? Are there more models than A? In other words, if there is only model A, what is the purpose of identifying it?

Would a table panel with colored cells like this work?

Hello Grant
Thank you for your reply. I use postgres database. The purpose of dashboard is use to update recently model and status of model on each station.

Could a table panel with colored cells like I showed previously work?

Also, please provide in csv format some of your sample data and a basic query you have written (outside of Grafana) to get the data you want.

I’m sorry for csv providing It’s in the data modelling process. I think i found the way to display data. I will show my solution after i finish this. Thank you for your reply

About the modeling, what will happen if tomorrow you added 12 more stations? What would you do to this schema above?

And what if only model A uses all of the stations while the rest use only use station 12