Lost dashboard after server reboot?

I’ll try to make this short even though it’s stupid confusing to me.
I’ve read probably 20 articles on here and across Google search results and they all either don’t make any sense or don’t apply to me because I’m not running Docker or anything, Grafana is just running standalone on my RHEL 6.10 and it’s on version 8.0.3. We’ve really never used it because we don’t have a lot of real-time needs but apparently there was 1 dashboard named Transport-Sev-5. I got a message yesterday that the link to the dashboard wasn’t working https://ourserver:3000/whatever/Transport-Sev-5?xxxxx. I clicked the link and got a connection error so went and checked the server and port 3000 wasn’t open, grafana was running on port 3001 which is where I was testing the setting up of LDAP several months earlier. I changed the port to 3000 in grafana.ini and it let me log in but there were no dashboards or anything and no users other than myself in the users list, additionally the logs didn’t show anything other than grafana-server starting up a few times, most recently when we had to reboot the entire server due to some unrelated memory allocation errors. So my question is, how would the port have been working on 3000 and then change to 3001 in grafana.ini after a server reboot? Where did the dashboard go? (it’s using a MySQL connection). I built a new dashboard using the same critiera and the same name, and when I hit save it saved it as “Transport-Sev-5 Copy” How did it know it’s a copy if the other one was completely missing? Do you have to do something to make grafana not lose its mind if you reboot the server? I found all kinds of articles about volumes and what-not but they all seem to be for docker or rancher or helm or a bunch of other things I don’t use. Am I missing something there?

Hi @volrath217 and welcome to the forum :wave:

So just to double check: did you download a grafana standalone binary? Then you database should be in the grafana folder like:


if you installed via yum of the rpm package then I think the install scripts map your database to var/lib/grafana/grafana.db

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