Looking for Developer(s): SVG Animation Builder based on metric values

My apologies if this is not the intent of the community forum, but my company has started using Grafana for a variety of projects, and we see some amazing uses for it! We would like to support its growth, and are looking for help doing so!

My company is interested in developing a panel that allows the user to create animations on SVG files. The SVG files would be drawn in external programs (such as Inkscape), uploaded to Grafana via the browser, and animations would be defined based on metrics.

Boolean Example: user draws a valve in Inkscape, then uploads it to this tool. The user could then create a new Boolean animation, assigns a Boolean metric from any data source (say, a MySQL table of data type BOOL) to the animation, and defines colors such that a metric value of 0 = grey and 1 = green. When the value changes state from a 0 to a 1 after a periodic refresh of the panel, the panel would animate the selected object/group/etc. within the valve SVG so that its color changes from grey to green (hopefully with some default easing).

Numeric Example: user draws a tank in Inkscape, then uploads it to this tool. The user creates a new analog animation, assigns a numeric metric from any data source (say, a MySQL table of data type FLOAT), and defines a new “scale” animation that will change the vertical scale of a blue rectangle in the tank based on the metric value between 0 and 100. This would make the tank look like it is 0 to 100% full of water.

We are hoping to hire a developer(s) to get this moving quickly - please contact me if you are interested: eli.ladd@newtility.com

Hi Eli.

I’m interested to know how your search went for Grafana developers?

Again, I too am not sure if this forum is the right place for this discussion, but we use Grafana extensively at our company. It’s a great product that really suits our needs. We have so much work lined up we need some additional help. I’d love to know a great place to find skilled developers with experience with Grafana, particularly building and modifying custom panels.

Apologies if I’m in the wrong place, but I’d appreciate people either getting in touch with me, or pointing me to a better forum for this sort of request.


Take a look at this plugin if it fits your need.

I am using this plugin to do something similar. Maybe it can help