Code of the standard Grafana Metrics Panel/add something to the existing Grafana Metrics Panel

Hi everyone,

I use Grafana as an interface to graph data received from a boat.
I would like to make a Metrics Panel plug-in which can make a graph like any Grafana panel can, but I want to add a color code to the bottom, to indicate what intentions we had when testing the boat, to make the data more useful when we look at it later. For example, if we would be testing something we assigned the color blue to from 9:00 until 11:20 and testing something that we have assigned red to after that, the graph should look like it does below:

Hence, I would like to have the code for the normal Grafana graphing software, and add this colored beam to it. Does anyone know how to get a plugin behave like a normal Grafana panel, or where to get the code from the normal Grafana panel? Thanks in advance!


I would suggest you to use the annotation support in Grafana. I also know that there are an issue open at Grafana github repo kind of rendering annotations like your suggestion.


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Hi Marcus,

Thanks you very much for your answer! Using the annotations is indeed much easier than programming it myself :slight_smile:.