Graph Panel Plugin Development


I am creating a plugin based on the Graph Panel. My question has to do with the graph legend pointers with respect to the color selection-assignment (where you can choose left or right option and a color for the metric).

Is there a way to create my own Left and Right buttons in my plugin (i would like to add more functionality to this of course) and keep the Grafana color selector as it is? I am asking this because i can see that in order to create the legend pointer it uses ‘series-color-picker’ which a grafana SeriesColorPicker.tsx file and which i cannot alter.

So, I have also created my own color picker (myColorPicker.tsx file) and wish to use this in my plugin. Does that mean I will have to “build” and “compile” grafana from source to see my changes take effect?

Please advise. @daniellee @torkel

Thank you in advance!