Loki - 'Explore Logs' plugin in Grafana not working

I’m trying out Explore Logs with Loki 3.0.0 and Grafana 11.0.0-preview. The Logs pane only shows up in the menu bar with Grafana 11.0.0-preview (not with >10.0.3 as it says when I install the plugin), but anyways, I don’t see anything in there. It recognises Loki as the data source, but says ‘no services found’. When I go through the ‘normal’ explore tabs, I can browse via my labels normally and log ingestion seems to be running fine. Do I have to configure something additionally?

Did you follow linked doc?

For an optimal experience, the following Loki and Grafana version and configuration are required:

Loki v 3.0+
–pattern-ingester.enabled=true for pattern ingestion
Grafana v11.0+

Yes, I did. :confused:

I was facing the same issue… you have to do a couple of things additional

  1. you have to have some sort of service_name ( i’m using vector collecting from journald so i didn’t have that)
    2.) you have enable another flag on loki --pattern-ingester.enabled=true

I bet your deploy is SSD, so you need to use the latest available LOKI to make pattern_ingester to work

You could also face this one Update installation requirements by cyriltovena · Pull Request #232 · grafana/explore-logs · GitHub sorry !

Thank you for your feedback! We switched back/stayed on Loki 2.9.4 as Loki 3.0 generally did not seem very mature (also documentation wise). Will re-evaluate this plugin when (if) we switch to 3.0.