login.OAuthLogin(get info from grafana_com)


Getting this error when trying to login to my grafana cloud. Hope someone can help me in the right direction. Cant figure out what im doing wrong. But it just dont want to work for me. :frowning:


/ Carsten

Grafana / Server Error

Sadly something went wrong

login.OAuthLogin(get info from grafana_com)

Check the Grafana server logs for the detailed error message.

Hi @carstenl
This message is most commonly seen when you’re trying to login into a Grafana Cloud instance but are logged into a Grafana.com account in that browser that does not have permissions to that Grafana.

To check this, visit Grafana.com and click on “My Account” in the top right hand corner (if you’re not logged in the button will say “Log In” and ask you to log in). This will take you to your Grafana Cloud Portal and show you a list of all the Grafana accounts you’re a part of in the top left dropdown, as well as all the Grafana stacks/instance you are a user on in the main feed. From there you can choose to log into any of them that display.

If you don’t see the one you’re looking for then you’re using the wrong Grafana.com log in. If you do see it and try to log in but keep seeing this error then please open a support ticket (click “Open a Support ticket” from your Cloud Portal) with the URL of the Grafana instance you’re trying to access and email you’re using to log into Grafana.com

Thanks for a great reply. Really appreciate it. I have followed all you said, but still get same error :frowning: So tried to create a support ticket, but that link dont work to the cloud support :smiley: So just created a normal support ticket. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help though :slight_smile:
/ Carsten