Log10 breaks for values <1e-14

Hi there. It seems that when you have values below 1e-14 and are in a log10 scale that the time series panel breaks. It will freeze for a moment and stop updating only fixing itself after you change to log2 or linear. Log2 works fine, but I want log10 to work. If I scale my data up so that it is above 1e-14, it works fine too.

It may not seem like a big issue, I mean 1e-14 and below are very small numbers, but in the laser field the refractive index structure parameter (which describes the strength of optical turbulence) typically fluctuates between 1e-16 and 1e-12 m^-2/3 on a diurnal cycle.

This is in Grafana 10.4.1, my datasource is influxdb with influxql. The old graph panel that was deprecated did not have this issue.

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That sounds like a bug: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

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Unfortunately for no apparent reason my GitHub account was instantly suspended after I registered just now. I guess unless someone else posts it on there then log10 functionality will remain broken on the time series panel like it has for the entire history of the time series panel.

I think you need to find some way how to report it on GitHub. Another option is to have some paid Grafana version, so you can report it as a bug to your Grafana Support.