Log Visualization Blank

Anyone know if the Log visualization works on v6.4.2? I’m trying to just list some logs but the panel is jut blank, even removing the time filter gives me back nothing.

But running the same query in Influx returns plenty of data so I know the problem is with Grafana, just not sure what.

Hello l743! Unfortunately visualisation of logs in Logs Panel is currently not supported for InfluxDB. In 6.5, we are going to support Elastic logs, but unfortunately, this is not going to affect InfluxDB. However, you can still visualise logs in Explore, or use Table Panel in Dashboard. Also, if you would like Logs Panel to support InfluxDB logs, it would be awesome if you would add this to our github issues. :slightly_smiling_face:

Where there any changes until now regarding the InfluxDB Support for Logs Panel?
I’ve tried it with current version 6.7.1 and the behaviour seems to be the same. No results.

Thank you.