Log Analytics responds with Bad Request when adding as data source

When adding a log analytics workspace to an Azure Monitor data source, I pass the credentials to the workspace, click “Save & Test”, and I am met with an error stating: “1. Successfully queried the Azure Monitor service. 2. Azure Log Analytics: Bad Request: Bad Request.” I have successfully added another workspace to another data source without issue only moments before, so I know it only pertains to this workspace. Can I get some guidance as to what the issue might be?

Hi Bryan,

Are you still having this issue? Do you have access to the logs for grafana-server? If so, can you see if there is any related output when you try to save the datasource?


The issue seems to have cleared up, some lingering authentication issues on my end. The error message could’ve been a little more verbose that “Bad Request” though. Thank you for following up!


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Hi @bryansmith,

So glad you resolved this issue! Let us know if it returns