Loading Rest API Json Data into Grafana Custom Dashboards

Hello Team,

I am new to this grafana dashboards creation for monitoring purpose. This is very intriguing for me to develop the custom dashboards for our security tools such as Heat Vulnerability Management and others etc. Basically, we are looking to create a vulnerabilities monitoring on servers/endpoints etc. I have already started using Heat EMSS Rest API’s and able to pull up data using API’s. Is there some way to build grafana dashboards by feeding this endpoints vulnerabilities info. This is a critical requirement for us to monitor all our security tools data in dashboards format. We are also trying to procure support from grafana if this is possbile to create dashboards by feeding Rest API data (Json format) into them.

Really appreciate your inputs on this use cases. Cheers.



You can implement a wrapper API for your Rest API and use it with the SimpleJson data source.