Link to dashboard in plugin alert list

Hi, In the new version of alerts, the link to the dashboard of an activated alert no longer appears in the alert list plugin. Is the link activated by some configuration?
if the button appears in the alerts module, but not the plugin

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Hi @nasenzo,

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If your is that the Alert tab does not appear in the Dashboard Panel next to Transform and Query tab. Then yes, it has been removed in the newer version as Alert has now its own section.

Hope this answer your question ?

I’m having the same problem with “Alert list panel”.

In past version of grafana which has “grafana legacy alert”, we can jump to the dashboard which has firing alert by clicking the row of the Alert list panel.
However, in the current version of grafana, the row of the Alert list panel has no link to any dashboard.

I’d like to jump to the dashboard to check the alerting time series data by just clicking the list.