Add clickable button to alert list (link to alert rules)

Hi everyone, I noticed on a Grafana Play home that the Alert list panel has a clickable button that leads to the alert rules for each alert configured. Could you please assist me in enabling this option as I’m unsure of how to do it? Many thanks.
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welcome @tpham179

That is actually the Alert list panel You can use it to display your alerts.

Thank you for your answer but I already used the alert list panel to display all of my alerts, but mine alert list panel does not have the clickable button “View Alert Rule” like the one on Grafana play

Did you enable “custom grouping” in the panel options? If so, you will loose the link button.


if that is not the case, what version of Grafana are your running, and on which platform (docker etc) ?

I’m using the Grafana v9.4.7 on the Grafana OSS. I’m using the web version for organization on Microsoft Edge and Chrome, not docker.
Here’s my actual alert list panel, please take a look.

Hi @tpham179

After testing, I found out that the “view alert rule” button is an available feature from Grafana v9.5.0. Once you upgrade, you should see it displayed.

Thank you so much I appreciated your response, have a nice day!

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