Link to create new Grafana dashboard

Hi, I am just starting to explore Grafana, and wondering if the following is possible, or if there is another way… In short, we have users who are not familiar with pulling data and even the sql builder would be too difficult for them (especially as they would not know what tables to pull from, what the joins should be, etc.). However, we have another app that can create the sql that would give them the data they are looking for. What I am thinking is that they could be given a link, and this link would take them to Grafana, pass the sql query as a parameter that is used to create the datasource, and set them up with a dashboard they could then modify. The two main challenges seem to be:

  1. Can a url to Grafana have a sql query in a variable that Grafana then uses to pull the data? It seems that this should work, but any caveats to doing this?

  2. The bigger question… can the url send the user to a dashboard that is a copy of a current dashboard? The thought is that they should not be sent to an existing dashboard as each user will want to customize the dashboard a different way. Sending them to a copy of a dashboard template means that their work won’t interfere with the dashboard other users are presented with.

Are these possible with Grafana? I did a search and it seems that the first one is although not the exact same scenario, and couldn’t find anything regarding the second.