Link/button to send GET-request without redirection (or onclick-event)

Hello. Is it possible to make link or button with GET-request but without redirection?

Reason: I want to create buttons to control my webcam. It allows me to change cam direction with GET like this: http://ip/cgi-bin/viewer/camctrl.cgi?move=x
So ‘x’ may be ‘up’ or ‘down’

I tried it with default html widget:
<a onclick="location.href='http://ip/cgi-bin/viewer/camctrl.cgi?move=up'">UP</a>
<a onclick="http://ip/cgi-bin/viewer/camctrl.cgi?move=up">UP</a>
But as I realized, onclick events are not allowed in default html widget, it doesn’t work for me.

If I use a regular link, it obviously works well but I don’t want to be redirected to this url:
<a href="http://ip/cgi-bin/viewer/camctrl.cgi?move=up">UP</a>

I know about AJAX-plugin, but as I know, It can’t be used for creating html-links or buttons.

You can allow it with disable_sanitize_html=true configuration. Just keep in mind security consequences.