Execute URL silently from dash object

Is there a way or a plugin with documentation to make URL call without executing it or opening the URL in the client web browser?

I just need to have a clickable object be it an HTML button or a link or whatever which will work, that will call a specific URL but we can’t have the URL exposed by opening it in a web browser address bar.

I do know how to get this to work with java script enabled logic or something more advanced that way but I prefer not open up for the XSS vulnerabilities mention in
https://grafana.com/docs/grafana/latest/installation/configuration/#disable-sanitize-html with the disable-sanitize-html.

Is there a plug-in that already exists without recreating the wheel ‘too much’ that can help with this task? Even if there is something that will maybe allow overwriting a value in a singe file on the local CentOS Grafana server file, then I can get something that can handle at that level or something.

Seems like this would be something common people would ask for, so I’m hoping posting this here will help in finding a workable solution that already exists which I can adjust accordingly and such for our needs.