Line graph not creating buckets for data when zooming out

I have a Prometheus data source that has metrics from a Springboot application for scrapes every 15 seconds. When zoomed in on a line graph, a point is created for every 15 seconds as expected, but when you zoom out to a certain degree (in my case 24 hours), it shows a point for every 1m or 30s. This would be fine, except it does not combine the points into buckets, it only shows the point for that scrape.

For example, if I have points at 10:30:00, 10:30:15, 10:30:30, and 10:30:45, when I am zoomed in (e.g. last 1hr) every point is shown. However, if I zoom out (e.g. last 24hrs) it may only show the points for 10:30:00 or 10:30:30, but it does not show all the points, nor does it combine them into another point, so I am effectively losing that data visually when I select a larger range. Is there someway to configure this or where this is documented?

Attached are some screenshots of my query and a gif of what I see.