Legend wrong order and bars to wide apart

Hi I am new to Grafana 9.2 and I am having with my cart two problems.
I am having a legend on my right side on top it is String4
then going down to String1 The stacking of the bars are exactly the oppositiv way.
The stacked bars have a wide gap between. I want them in 1h groups but closer together and I did not figure out how to do it.

can someone give me a hint how as a beguine i can solve my output?


is my question so stupid that i have to see it myself or is it so extraordinary that no one can answer it?
If it is the first one then please at least give me a clue where to start.

You didn’t provide details what kind of panel type you are using.

I hope that I am interpreting your question correctly.
I have set Time Series because I did not find at Graph Styles >styles> line in the bar chart override

No, Grafana has many panel types and each panel type has own set of configs, which customize that particular panel. For example this panel uses Time series panel type:

So nobody know what you have, what you configure there (because you didn’t show it in first place), so then of course nobody will tell you what’s wrong on your side. Provide reproducible example and you will have much higher chance for any feedback.

thank you for the hint. I will try to collect all the necessary data and then try again here