Legend: suppress column names

Is it possible to suppress column names in panel legend? I tried to do an override or a variable definition, but nothing works …

@verboese please include a screenshot of what you are trying to change, your datasource / panel, and Grafana version :+1:

For this request (in Plugin Azure Monitor):

let _index = 2;
| where $__timeFilter(timestamp)
| where operation_Name matches regex "^/.P./$"
| where duration > 0
| summarize SAP = avg(duration) by bin(timestamp, $__interval),operation_Name
| extend SAP = round(SAP,0)
| order by timestamp asc, operation_Name desc 

I get this legend:

I would like to remove the “SAP” before the values.

Similar with Plugin InfluxDB the legend is
I would like to only show the hostname in the legend here. Is it maybe possible to do a regex for the “Display name”?

Is this maybe not generally Grafana related but has to be changed for each plugin individually?

you can do regex-based value mappings. That might solve this for you:

Good idea but afaic this affects the values itself, not the label :frowning:

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Using Transform on your panel is an option here. There are two transformations that allow you to rename query result legend names: Organize fields → Rename and Rename by regex.