Legend in Line chart showing extra info (wrongly?)

I’m probably doing something very stupid here.

Running Grafana 7.x

Datasource is Loki

The query is

sum(count_over_time({DataSource=“Board Logins”} |= “Login Succeeded” [5m])) by (Login)

and the legend should contain (as an example)


but actually shows

{Login=‘ADMIN2’} ADMIN2

I can’t find any setting to literally just show the value ‘ADMIN2’ and not the curly-bracketed section.

What have I missed, because I can’t find it, and it is driving me nuts.

Would appreciate any help here, and if I missed something in the docs, do call me out and point me to the bit i missed



This is currently not possible. This is a feature related to the data source and it’s not implemented for Loki. An issue already exists and you can follow its progress here: https://github.com/grafana/grafana/issues/24679

Thank for the info - i’ll keep an eye on it.