Legend don't show any value

I’m using a simple sh script to pass fs utilization to influxdb via http post as a numeric value (e.g. 73).
In Grafana I can see that value in the graph line but not in the legend values:

Can you help me to understand why?

Thank you

Same problem in the singlestat panel, value is showed but the bar remains grey:

My stupid guess: your metric is stored as a string in the InfluxDB. Use query inspector to see what is returned from InfluxDB - string or int/float?infl

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yes, this looks like a issue where you influxdb data is in string instead of numbers

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Thank you both, it was correct!
I don’t know why it set that value as string… Maybe there was a mistake in the firsts measurement.
Resolved by dropping the measurement and, on the next run, it set correctly as a number!
Both the panel now are working fine.