Latest Grafana version doesn't work with Azure Monitor plugin

Hi Mates,

I recently installed latest Grafana version v6.3.5 and tried to use it with Azure Monitor, but get below error while adding new dashboard.

{“error”:{“code”:“MissingSubscription”,“message”:“The request did not have a subscription or a valid tenant level resource provider.”}}

And when I using the same configuration in Grafana version v5.1.3, it works well. So I think there’s compatible issue for the higher version Grafana with Azure Monitor, maybe it calls a different api?

It is very easy to reproduce. Can someone help on it? Thanks?

I’m running into this same issue. Have there been any updates?

@stellazhou64 did you manage to find a solution to this issue?

I have the same issue with Grafana 6.7.1 and I am using it with Azure China.

I found no solution for this - maybe a bug in combination with the China Azure API, that is a bit different from the normal Azure API.

I had same issue
We are migrating the international version of azure’s appInsights to the china version, but this issue frustrates us