Kubernetes-app plugin update request

Hi People!!

I’m new to the grafana community.
I’m really excited about grafana, which I’m still exploring though.
You guys are doing incredible work!

As in the environment I’m responsible for we are monitoring kubernetes cluster I’ve recently discovered kubernetes-app plugin - which is really cool!

however it took me a while to see that the plugin which is installed via grafana-cli is not the same as the one available in the github. In our environment we are using FQDN for cluster nodes and therefore the plugin which is install via cli tool is not working properly. This is fixed by the commit: https://github.com/grafana/kubernetes-app/commit/b2280721ff2ad090ab43417e5bf0d244ec89272b#diff-6c2b86672d68d3532569f2ed617466c1 which is not in the zip file which is downloaded automatically by the grafana-cli tool.

Can any developer or grafana maintainer update kuberenetes-app plugin to the recent one?
It’s not a big issue, although we are using GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS environment variable to install all plugins automatically when grafana is starting - Yes we are running in docker!

Thanks in advance!
Marcin Wojciechowski

Any suggestion from community, who I can contact with to update this plugin in grafana repo?