Kibana visual builder like graph

How can I build a graph like kibana visual builder. Like the one below, where 3 lines indicate data from 3 different dates.


Hard to help you if you don’t show the queries you’re using. But refer to using elasticsearch in grafana documentation.


Hello Marcus,
Actually there is no special query in kibna. Only timeshift for all the series. Please let me know if I need to share anything else.

Was thinking about the metrics tabs

You need the excellent Meta Queries Plugin to do this - I use it myself.

I stumbled upon the right configuration of it for Elasticsearch Time Series, here is a screen shot:

  • I have a simple “Count” for my first query
  • The second query does a TimeShift of 1 day (-1)
  • The initial Data Source is the data source I setup for the Meta Queries Plugin, after which I select the actual Data Source (cs2) for Query A
  • For Query B I select Meta Query Source as the Data Source again.
  • Output Name is what is displayed on the graph for the second query
  • Query field must be set to A (since it is based on the Query A)
  • IMPORTANT: Metric must be set to the ‘Alias’ of Query A as well.

Hopefully this capability will be incorporated in a future Grafana release. For example, if the time range tab was per query (such as to set the offset).