Difference time ragne in each query ES on same chart

Hi guy,

I’m using Grafana 7.0.1 and use “Metaqueries” to create multiple query in chart .
Datasource is Elasticsearch
I have 4 query on 4 ES datasource (for each column), all query filter by same field.
After that, i use transform (table) and “Inner Join”.

Here is result.

You can see, i have 2 two block (RED and GREEN)

Block RED, i want that query in fix time range (best choise is all time) because data in this query is fixed (from Indice A)
Block GREEN, data is dynamic and of couse, it query by time filter., because data is dynamic, alway have new data push to this indices

So, how can i fix time query for each query, or have any way to push time query to ES query.

Thank so much.