K6 with Influxdb2 and Grafana


I’ve started using k6 with Influxdb v2 and Grafana. I’ve been able to see the number of VUs in both Influxdb and Grafana, but I don’t know how to build a dashboard that gives the information I want, basically how many requests per second have been injected and the average response time.

I haven’t been able to find a Grafana dashboard for Influxdb v2. Is there any? If not, which query should I use to obtain the information I’m interested in? Alternatively, what is the best place to understand the metrics generated by k6 as stored in influxdb?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @joaquin,
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I’ve just pushed a simple configuration for use Grafana with the Docker Compose already provided in the repository.
It contains some basic panels like http_requests, duration, iterations and vus. Feel free to open an issue or a PR directly in the extension’s repository if you want to push some improvements.

Thank you very much, @codebien. That’s exactly what I needed. I was not able to use directly the json file you provided in my Grafana deployment, but I was able to get the data I wanted by looking at the flux queries in the file.

Thanks again for the prompt response!

Thanks for this, I used the flux querries as well!