K6 dashboard not appearing when using xk6-sql extention

I’m using the xk6-sql; so a custom compiled k6 binary. When I use that I don’t see a link for, and the k6 dashboard is not available. When I use the off the shelf k6 it works fine.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Hi @rgoodwin1, welcome to the community forum!

I don’t know how you build your custom k6 binary. If you build it as it is written on xk6-sql github page:

xk6 build --with github.com/grafana/xk6-sql

then it will build a v0.47.0 k6 binary for you, because xk6-sql depends on that version of k6 (link) (you can check the version with the k6 version command)

web-dashboard output is available since v0.49.0, so you have to build a v0.49.0 k6 binary with:

xk6 build v0.49.0 --with github.com/grafana/xk6-sql

I hope this helps