Unable to run k6 using xk6-client-prometheus-remote

Hi All,

I was able to run the k6 with RUN go install go.k6.io/xk6/cmd/xk6@latest with this command until day before but since the some last commits in GitHub - grafana/xk6-sql: k6 extension to load test RDBMSs (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL and SQLite3) I am unable to run k6 and getting error.

Step #1: k6 imports
Step #1: go.k6.io/k6/cmd imports
Step #1: github.com/grafana/xk6-output-prometheus-remote/pkg/remotewrite imports
Step #1: go.buf.build/grpc/go/prometheus/prometheus: unrecognized import path “go.buf.build/grpc/go/prometheus/prometheus”: https fetch: Get “https://go.buf.build/grpc/go/prometheus/prometheus?go-get=1”: dial tcp: lookup go.buf.build on no such host

Can somebody please help I am stuck.


Hi @nitisha

Thanks for reporting this. We are investigating this issue and preparing a patch release. Please find a workaround at Unable to build custom k6 binary with extensions - #4 by eyeveebee


Hi @nitisha

A patch version v0.45.1 was released.

Thanks for reporting this.