Dashboard extension issue with latest k6 version

Hi There i am facing issue while building binery with dashboard extension. It should be compatible with the latest version of K6 but seems like its not .

Hi @Shabd

I was able to reproduce the behavior for the dashboard extension. It is community maintained and has not been updated for a while.

In my case, I can bypass the error installing with xk6 build --with github.com/szkiba/xk6-dashboard@latest as the maintainers document in the build section. Does it work for you?


Hi @eyeveebe Thanks for the reply .
Yes it worked that way .But it throws issues when i try to build a binery with multiple extension …i was trying to build one binery with this extension and also with kafka extension, but it throws issue no matter what combination i use .

Hi @Shabd,

If you are also using the mostafa/xk6-kafka extension it will require a bit more work to fix.

The issue is related to a breaking change when we moved the stats package content to metrics package (see Move the `stats` package content to `metrics` package by oleiade · Pull Request #2433 · grafana/k6 · GitHub). The szkiba/xk6-dashboard doesn’t have a direct dependency on that package, so it works fine when using that extension alone. When you build with other extensions that have the dependency, like the kafka extension, it fails to build.

The solution would be similar to what other extensions did, update to use the “latest” k6 version. E.g. support latest k6 version by li-zhixin · Pull Request #9 · grafana/xk6-output-influxdb · GitHub or Upgrade k6 to v0.38.3 (breaking change) · Issue #3 · walterwanderley/xk6-stomp · GitHub.

Since this is a community-supported one, you can go ahead and open an issue in their repo. In the meantime, you can fork the repo and do the changes, using that fork to build.

I would also consider alternatives like the Prometheus remote write output or influxdb output, as those also have dashboards.


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Thank you . Will check other alternatives as well.

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