JWT Login via Url

I am working with Grafana 9.3.

The goal is to create a link with a token or a user that automatically login in to the dashboard.

I tried to use JWT for this.
I added my pem and json file.

my config
enabled = true
enable_login_token = true
header_name = X-JWT-Assertion
username_claim = login
email_claim = email
key_file = pathtografana_jwt.pem
cache_ttl = 60m
expected_claims = {}
auto_sign_up = true
url_login = true
How to i create a token to auth with, without using an oauth service? I just want to use tokens.

I followed Configure JWT Authentication | Grafana documentation

The example GitHub - grafana/grafana-iframe-oauth-sample: Development environment for iframe embedding of JWT enabled grafana didn’t help me.