just installed loki locally on my windows computer(same as grafana runs on), and i cannot "save and test".

I just installed grafana, and am running loki with command: “loki-windows-amd64.exe --config.file=loki-config.yaml”

loki-config.yaml: #LOKIauth_enabled: falseserver: http_listen_port: 3100 #log_level: - Pastebin.com

When i try to add loki in grafana, i get the following error when pressing “save & test”: “Unable to fetch labels from Loki (Failed to call resource), please check the server logs for more details”

Error messages in the loki window: ts=2022-08-22T18:04:12.0587155Z caller=spanlogger.go:80 user=fake method=query.L - Pastebin.com

Screenshot of grafana error message and input: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/99fYsytK/screenshot-grafana-error-message.png

Try this

      chunks_directory: /tmp/loki/chunks
      rules_directory: /tmp/loki/rules

Also is promtail needs to be running and feeding Loki.
here is my promtail config, I have a few txt files that promtail reads to push to Loki

  http_listen_port: 9080
  grpc_listen_port: 0

  filename: /tmp/positions.yaml

  - url: http://localhost:3100/loki/api/v1/push

- job_name: system
  - targets:
      - localhost
      job: varlogs
      __path__: D:/lokilogs/*

Then you get this

Few leads in following url to sort out errors.