Jmeter, InfluxDB, Grafana andJMeter Load Testby NovaTec-APM


I have an issue with the the “Other” graphs where they are not showing data. The generated query is:

SELECT count(“responseTime”)/60 FROM “requestsRaw” WHERE “requestName” =~ /^$/ AND time >= now() - 15m GROUP BY time(60s) fill(null)

and the database shows:

select * from requestsRaw where time =1507717471887359521
name: requestsRaw
time errorCount nodeName requestName responseTime testName threadName

1507717471887359521 0 Test-Node 108 Test Thread Group 1-12

what am I missing with the way that the query gets auto generated?

It seemed that all this need was a restart of Grafana and it all started working again… weird but good :slight_smile:

Sorry still have issues with this not displaying correctly… does anyone else have this issue?

It seems to be the forward slash that is part of the request that causes the issue… can we escape this?

Hej mactheknife,

I encountered almost the same problem.

Did you find any solution for this?