Issues Starting/Lost Data on restart

I had an instance running great on CentOS7. I wanted to change the port from the default 3000 to 80, so pretty straight forward. I edited the config file located in /etc/grafana/grafana.ini, uncommented the line, saved. When I ran systemctl restart grafana-server the server would not start saying that it could not find the default config file. I verified that path, exported to the default path and launched grafana-server start (skipping systemctl) grafana started but during start it migrated me to a new database (like a fresh install) and i lost all my data… Grafana still wont start using systemctl. I’m probably going to have to redo all my dashboards but how do i keep this from happening again? Can I get my data back? Thanks!

Explore the Grafana-backup-tool available here to persist dashboards and datasources across Grafana pod restarts or recreation