Issue with Rename by Regex transformationd

I am trying to rename the column names retured by OCI Metrics explorer.
Column name is coming is “Nodehealth[peer | peer1]”
I am trying to use rename by regex transformation but can able to do it… To make it simple I am just replace Nodehealth with blank in first step using the below transformation but it is not working.
It works on but not in grafana transformation. Am i missing something here?

snapshot from regex101


~ the grafana team

Hi @tiwariyogi,

Welcome to the :grafana: community support forums !!

on the regex101 select “Golan” in the flavor as the Grafana backend is written in Go programming language.

For the rename, if you want to just rename the legends “NodeHealth”, you can try the Value Mapping.

Let us know if this helps.

I managed to do a part of it… My input is ‘Nodehealth[peer | peer6]’
With regex (.| .) and replace as $2 it seems in it is doing the replacement correctly but when I do it in the Grafana transformation then it is not removing ] from the end

Please advise