Issue with blank row in the tabular panel when using JOIN on two data sources

Hi Grafana Support Team & Community,
I’m trying to investigate this issue but can’t seem to find what I’m doing wrong. I have used an outer join when combining two data sources (mysql db & VictoriaMetrics) but once that happens there appears to be a blank row at the end of the table panel and the values displayed are all wrong when the clustertype filter is selected to “ALL”. However when you select a specific clustertype the value become correct but the empty/blank row still appears. What is happening & how do I fix this?

This Image below is when the clustertype filter is selected to “ALL”. The values are wrong and the blank row shows.

This image below is when you select a specific clustertype “z” the values are correct and the blank still shows.

This is my mySQL DB query:
SELECT cluster,clustertype FROM capacity where clustertype IN ($clustertype) AND date LIKE “08/20/2021%”

This is one of the VictoriaMetrics query:
max_over_time(vsphere_host_cpu_usage_average{job=~"$job", clustername=~"$cluster"}[$__range])

The image below is the transformation logic used to build the table (I am using clustername to join both data sources):

How can I identify the blank records if there are any and if not how can we delete/exclude so it will stop displaying this empty/blank row. Also when the filter is selected to clustertype “ALL” how can I display the right values? any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

are you using Grafana inside the Victoria Metrics platform?