Issue after installation of grafana

I have an issue occurs after installation,

Could not communicate with your OnCall API at http://engine:80. Validate that the URL is correct, your OnCall API is running, and that it is accessible from your Grafana instance

Please help

Hi @ahmed89,

Welcome to the :grafana: community support forums !! :slight_smile:

Can you please tell us how you installed Grafana OnCall (i.e. which documentation you followed)?

Also, did you install OnCall cloud OR OnCall OSS?


I am using grafana OSS and still facing the same issue i followed the documentation where we install via HELM chart .

HI @ahmed89
Where you able to solve this problem?
I have the same issue.

Hi @here

We would appreciate it if you can open a bug report about this in our official GitHub repository using this link.

Provide all the information (you can simply copy/paste your data + screenshot from here to there).

Lastly, paste the link to your GitHub issue here in this post so that all other community users can also track it. I will also add more additional information to it :+1:

Can anybody help me on how to give a connection between two tools (Sublime security and Grafana)

  1. I need to understand connection of sublime to Grafana.
  2. I want click user in Grafana using canonical ID with particular user, this ID want to be re-direct to sublime security tool for analyzing phishing alert. How to Do this connection ?

Error: I am able to connect sublime security to Grafana but, i am unable to reach particular user ID. it’s showing a main dashboard.

Above image explaining each user canonical ID, if i click on this ID it want to connect to particular ID but it’s not happening. I am getting main dashboard on sublime