Is there support for sending compressed (gzip) jsons via the dashboard update HTTP API?

I have tried and it seemed to me that it is not possible. Sending a gzipped (compressed) JSON, with appropriate headers (Content-Encoding: gzip) doesn’t appear to be supported, since the Grafana server shows encoding errors when trying to read the JSON as is, I think.

Note that the exact same request to any online echo service accepting compressed JSON will return 200 OK, therefore the request does not have issues.

According to Grot (Grafana’s AI) it is supported… Was anyone able to make it work?

The best way is to try it. You tried, so you can assume, that’s really not supported. Also doc doesn’t mention that.

But you can put reverse proxy in front of Grafana, where you can handle that, e. g. Howto make Nginx decompress a gzipped request -