Is there a way to send a parametric POST request


I need to send a POST request to an external server (the request is like this: “ip:port/url/parameter”, where the parameter is chosen by the user and it’s working), I’ve tried sending a XMLHttpRequest using a html button and some javascript code contained inside a Text panel, however for some reason the request doesn’t get sent (despite appearing in Grafana’s log) and the response is an error page written in html (is it some sort of proxy or other security measure?). I’ve also tried data links, which don’t work because they only allow GET requests from the browser, and the Ajax plugin, which doesn’t work because it only allows to retrieve data and it doesn’t allow the user to send the request at will.
Is there a way to send a POST request this way? If not, is it be possible to write a custom panel that bypasses the security measures?

I’m using Grafana version 8.5.5

you might want to use node-red instead. Check out this thread:

Sounds like that endpoint is secured (as well it should be esp for a POST)