Tooljet vs Grafana

Can we make use of grafana beyond just dashboarding to create something similar to ?

what is it specifically that tooljet can do that you’'d like Grafana to do?

Actually, it would be very useful if we could also build control panels within Grafana. Like adding buttons, sliders, input fields etc. to be able to control IOT things…


Exactly ! Support form builder capabilities like

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@grant2 can’t Node-Red / Grafana combos do some of this?

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@mattabrams / all: Yes, the combination of Node-RED and Grafana is where I spend a lot of my time thinking. Node-RED dashboard is very simple to set up and get started with. They have a whole array of buttons, sliders, etc. that are easy to implement. More advanced users will install uibuilder and slap on all sorts of advanced stuff. Here is a simple test dashboard that holds a Grafana panel in an iframe:

(the buttons on the bottom make the graph display last 1H, 12H, yesterday, etc.).

On the other hand, Grafana’s OSS has plugins like this that allow you to do HTTP GET requests. I also love the ability of Grafana to quickly resize panels, change layout, add HTML / javascript / video feeds, etc.

So depending on how complex you want to be, either option works well.