Grafana API post error

I am trying to create a dashboard in Grafana through an AJAX post method, hoping to create a dashboard through my website post, but I dont know why I always got console.log(“Client POST Error”);.( fixed - see my comment)

I am using Node.js as my web server.

But I encounter another problem is “Response to preflight request doesn’t pass access control check: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.”

Should I reconstruct from

website -> grafana


website -> webserver(reverse proxyserver) -> grafana?

Is that will be a better way?

This is my JavaScript code:

var dashboard = {
    "dashboard": {
        "id": null,
        "title": "WebPos",
        "tags": [ "templated" ],
        "timezone": "browser",
        "rows": [
        "schemaVersion": 6,
        "version": 0
    "overwrite": false

        console.log("Client Clicked");
            url: '',
            success: function(data){
                console.log("Client POST Success");
            error: function(e){
                console.log("Client POST Error");
            beforeSend: setHeader

function setHeader(xhr) {
    xhr.setRequestHeader('Authorization', 'Bearer eyJrIjoiVGJyWTJuS2dyNVV0VG93Z3FqR0IIQ1hYblJVUlpBTEQiLCJuIjoiZWRpIiwiaWQiOjF9');

If you’re calling grafana from a browser website and the grafana and website runs on different domains you’ll probably need to setup a proxy with support for CORS negotiation.

@mefraimsson buhhhaa wrong…
Any idea what Proxy is? What CORS is? NO
So I’d suggest you learn first