Is there a way to restore an accidentally deleted Dashboard?

Is there any way to restore an accidentally deleted Dashboard?

I was making updates to Variables, and thought I was deleting a variable, but when in fact the Delete button I pressed was for the dashboard itself. Woops.

Hi, sorry - there is no way to get it back unless you have a copy of the database from when it was still not deleted or have exported the dashboard earlier.

Hmmm. Seeing as how the “delete dashboard” button looks identical to the “delete variables” button, it might be a worthwhile feature request to make them look different or have a double-confirmation of the dashboard delete.

That’s what happened to me yesterday - I thought I was deleting a variable and since the delete button/dialog box looked identical as to that of deleting the variable, I didn’t give it much attention until it was too late.


Agree completely. Just lost an hour or more of prometheus twiddling, due to this exact UI issue. The dashboard delete should be more obvious.


Best way to do confirmation is to force user to type name of the dash like it’s done in BigQuery when you deleting tables