Can I restore a previous version of a dashboard as a new dashboard?

I deleted some panels from a dashboard. Later I made some modifications to other panels.

I would like to restore my deleted panels without losing my other modifications.

Can I restore a previous version of the dashboard as a new dashboard?

This is a bit tricky and you can’t do it directly but it is possible.

To make this clearer:

  • Version 1 is your previous version with the panels that were deleted.
  • Version 2 is the latest version
  1. Restore version 1 (which will now be version 3)
  2. Use the “Save as” option to save it as a new dashboard
  3. Navigate back to the original dashboard and restore version 2 (which now will become version 4)

Thanks Daniel, actually I managed in a different way. First I duplicated the dashboard in its current incarnation, then I restored the previous version that I wanted. Then I deleted again the panels I didn’t want from the duplicate.