Dashboard corrupted

I recently saved some changes to an existing dashboard and now it just loads a blank page.

How would I go about trying to recover and fix? If this isn’t possible, how can I manually delete (since it doesn’t load and offer a delete in settings) so that I can recreate it with the same name?


Can you open chrome dev tools and inspect the error?

I poked around a little, but didn’t see any errors.

When I use the back button to load the previous page I get this callstack (presumably because it was in a bad state from the load):

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘destroy’ of undefined
at boot.5ee7468a.js:11
at b.$broadcast (boot.5ee7468a.js:42)
at b.$destroy (boot.5ee7468a.js:42)
at j (boot.5ee7468a.js:9)
at boot.5ee7468a.js:9
at boot.5ee7468a.js:41
at boot.5ee7468a.js:41
at d (boot.5ee7468a.js:41)
at m (boot.5ee7468a.js:41)
at k (boot.5ee7468a.js:9)

I forgot to include that I’m currently using Grafana v4.2.0, so perhaps I should first consider upgrade before troubleshooting further.

I just encountered a similar issue here, my dashboard is blank, and I can’t restore any revisions because the settings icon doesn’t show in the top right.

I believe the last thing i did was change a variable in templating.

Any idea how i can recover? Tried Edge/Chrome/Firefox

This is what i see when i click onto the dashboard:

Javascript Console shows:
warning rootScope onAppEvent called without localscope grafana_app.ts:86:10

Grafana v5.3.4