Is there a way to convert grafana dashboard to datadog dashboard?

I see the following utility to migrate a datadog dashboard to grafana dashboard by converting the Json, Is there a tool which can migrate grafana dashboard to datadog dashboard in similar way?

Hi Vijay! I couldn’t find any tools that migrate Grafana dashboards to Datadog. It looks like the plugin that allows Datadog data to be queried and visualized in Grafana dashboards was built by the Grafana team. I’m not super familiar with Datadog but as you mentioned it looks like Datadog dashboards are a JSON model, just like Grafana dashboards. If you have a contact at Datadog perhaps they will have more details on supported migration options.

@vijay910 @Melody Do you know if the datadog-dash-translator is actively maintained?
The only docs I could find for it where on this page: How the new Datadog plugin enhancements extend interoperability for our customers | Grafana Labs

The tool didn’t quite translate my existing DataDog dashboards to proper Grafana dashboards, so I am wondering where to follow up with questions.