Is there a way for different user to filter different "namespace" in one dashboard

I have a dashboard created by admin. Say it is kube-pod-status, in this dashboard, use label_values(kube_pod_info, namespace) for namespace filter. Now two users: user1 and user2 created. My requirement is: user1 can only see his namespaces in filter(with specific prefix), like user1-testns1, user1-testns2. user2 also can only see namespace like user2-testns3, user2-testns4.
Can I achieve this? Any help is appreciative!

Seems built-in variable: “__ name” cannot used for label_values

Can achieve this with below method(7.1 beta2 version):

Query: query_result(kube_namespace_created{namespace=~".${__user.login}"})
Regex: /.namespace="([^"]).

But encounted another issue:
The dashboard action won’t consider __user.login is a built in variable.

It only works when I edit the variable, click in the “query” input, and then click blank field, the " Preview of values" works, and then back to dashboard, it looks good.

Seems it is a bug. Any other solutions for this scenario? Thank you very much!