Is there a text to value mapping?


I have a window sensor in my smart home. To manage the smarthome I use openHAB + influxDB + Grafana on a raspPI.
InfluxDB shows values like ‘open’ and ‘closed’ for the different window-states.

How can I create a graph now which shows when the window is open or closed?

Since influxDB shows ‘only’ ‘open’ or ‘closed’ I cannot use these values to create metrics.
I need values like 0 (for closed) and 1 (for open) to create the metrics and finally a graph.

Is there any text to value mapping? Or how can I solve this issue?

Thanks for ay help…


I’m facing the same problem. Did you solved it somehow?

I have the same issue, my thermostat has three operating states heating, cooling, and idle.
I’ve mapped binary value to idle vs heating/cooling but I would like to retrieve the former string values and graph state.

Anyone ever find an answer to this? Having same issue and everything I have tried seems to fail.