Is there a setting that avoids the intermittent "No data" problem

I have a Grafana server and Influxdb running on a Raspberry Pi and the data is displayed on a Google Chrome browser running on a Windows machine. Generally it works fine, except that every few minutes one or more of the graphs fail to update. Instead, the existing graph line is erased and replaced by the message “No data”. If I do a manual refresh then the data is displayed correctly.

If this caused by a timeout somewhere? If so is there a setting that I can change to increase the value?

Hello :wave: and welcome to the forum, @mjb

I think the ideal thing would be to check the grafana server logs and see what is happening when thonse panels break.

Also, people with similar problems have had some success adjusting these two config options:

You can check the config for outher timeout related options>

What sort of key words should I look for in the Grafana log?

What if it’s a client side issue with the Javascript code running in the browser window? Is there a log for that?

I’m not sure if I completely understand, but have you inspected your browser’s developer console while experience that issue? I’d maybe check the console or the networking tab and look for errors

How do I identify an error?
All I see is network requests and responses.