Is there a JDBC/ODBC bridge for Grafana?

I am trying to connect a vertica DB which is inside a SaaS environment (private network) to my Grafana Cloud. Is there a JDBC/ODBC bridge that I can use for the same? I am basically looking for an equivalent of Power BI’s Power BI Gateway or Tableau’s Tableau Bridge. Or is there any other possible approach that I can use to achieve my use case?

You can build a Rest API and use Infinity or JSON plugins

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Would it be feasible to implement JDBC/ODBC datasource? Can somebody guide me what’s needed to do it properly? Would it be possible to use sqlalchemy somehow? Including Rest API is only another piece of code to maintain. This generic datasource could allow connection of huge number of other databases.

There is! Sqlyze Datasource plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs it is an enterprise plugin but it is still in beta. Try it out and let us know.

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Great to have this ODBC plugin. I tried it on Grafana Cloud, but there is no option to install Databricks driver and when installed manually on my local instance than I’m getting the following error msg=“Query data error” error=“failed to query data: Failed to query data: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = invalid enterprise license”

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Have you paid for the license?

No, I don’t have the license but I was asking at Grafana’s user success stories team and they replied me: I am sure it is not an Enterprise plugin. You can also check it here - if you filter by Enterprise plugins you will see that SQLyze is not one of them.


Sorry, it was a mistake in our side. It is an enterprise plugin.

Does your sass provide an api? If not maybe write a simple node js rest api that reads data from vertica

Hello, i assume you have the same issue with DB2 datasource, i already sent you a request about it and someone from your side said me it’s free.
still in free catalog today

Have you solved the problem of connecting to databricks using Grafana?